International "Marathon Seminars " in Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan), Kabul (Afghanistan) and Islamabad (Pakistan)

How will space technology help forecast floods and droughts?
In 2017, the National Academy of Sciences awarded the sub-grant of “NURIS” in support of project “Use of satellite data for forecasting floods and droughts of the basin region Kabul river with modeling of surface and underground waters. " This sub-grant is funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

   The Kabul River Basin affects parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan, where the mountainous the terrain. In this regard, there is a big problem of collecting field data, and also does not exist a single predictive analysis and data source with integrated modeling surface and groundwater. Proper monitoring of water, snow and precipitation very important for forecasting floods and droughts in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
   This year is the final stage of the Project, and from October 28 to November 9, the "Marathon Seminars ” took place in 3 different cities and countries: Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan), Kabul (Afghanistan) and Islamabad (Pakistan). The workshop was conducted by Rui Manuel da Silva Fernandes (PhD), a specialist in the field of geosciences and GNSS applications. For over 28 years he has been teaching theoretical and practical classes in Universities of Portugal (University of Beira Interior, Universidade de Coimbra). Besides Academic Affairs. Rui Fernandes is a head of SEGAL (Laboratory geodetic analysis of space and the Earth). His participation is very important in conducting seminars for exchange of experience in the application of GNSS.
   The workshop was held on the topic “GNSS Observations for Accurate Positioning and Evaluation water vapor ”, the participants were presented the theoretical and practical part for the following
- Fundamentals of technology, scientific and technical application and data processing Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS)
- Help systems, geoid and coordinate systems
- GNSS networks (concept, design, implementation and operation)
   The seminar days were held at a high level, its theme is in demand and relevant. Received knowledge necessarily come in handy in future work, both within the Project and outside it, because in the seminar was attended not only by researchers, but also representatives of state and private institutions related to surveying, water and cartography. Design leaders created an enabling environment for a large-scale exchange of experience between professionals, hospitality and attention from colleagues in Afghanistan and Pakistan, both could not have contributed better to learning.

Dr. Rui Manuel da Silva Fernandes

Seminar in Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan)

Seminar in Islambad (Pakistan)

Seminar in Kabul (Afghanistan)