The «SNOW BAG» project

Title of the document

This project was carried out as a part of the Sustainability Living Lab projects of 01.21.2020, as well as in accordance with the application for the performance of work (provision of services) agreed by the Office of Green Campus and Environmental Development of Nazarbayev University AO of 01.30.2020, in order to implement the project "Snow bag". The report reflects the work performed on the project, prototyping and testing.

The goal is to create the technology for preserving winter rainfall for the further use of melt water for technical needs and watering green spaces on the campus of Nazarbayev University. 

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The report is available only in Russian now

Step by step process

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Checking and layout of the waterproof foot and load net  Bookmark the waterproof canopy in the body of the truck  The process of lifting the “Snow bag”  The process of laying and preserving the “Snow bag” device before the snow mass is thawed  Device for producing ice blocks Frozen snow mass in ice blocks  The process of laying ice blocks along an alley with trees